Great Chapters In The Life Of Jesus: Jesus Ascends To Heaven

This is our last lesson in this series.

The actual ascension event is recorded in Mark, Luke, and Acts. Matthew 28:16-20 records Jesus final commands to the apostles, the “great commission”, without specifically mentioning the Ascension.

How long was Jesus on the earth between His resurrection and ascension back into heaven? (See Acts 1:3).

Read Luke 24:44-47. During His final days of teaching, what truth about the Christ did Jesus emphasize to the apostles?

What else did the disciples still not understand about Jesus and His mission? (Acts 1:6-8).

What were His final instructions to the Apostles? (Luke 24:48-49; Mark 16:15,16; Acts 1:4-5, 8; Matthew 28:18-20). Instead of setting up an earthly kingdom in Jerusalem, the disciples are to go where?

From where did Jesus ascend? (Luke 24:50-53).

Specifically, where does it say He ascended to? (Mark 16:19) What is the significance of this? (See Psalm 110:1, Acts 2:32-34).

What did the disciples do after Jesus ascended?

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