Reality Check

By Jimmy Haynes

Being a sports fan, my reality check moment about the current crises was when I heard that March Madness and the opening day of baseball season had been cancelled. That is when I realize this virus is a very serious thing that is going to impact our lives in ways I could not imagine. For others it might have the stock market crash or empty shelves at the grocery stores.

We have been living in a time of unprecedented prosperity and unlimited pursuit of pleasure. Most of us have never had to face real adversity or affliction and we are caught off guard by the reality of these events. We pray it will be over soon, but it is wake up call that can teach us the reality that life is more than sports and money.

Ecclesiastes 7:14 – In the day of prosperity be joyful, But in the day of adversity consider: Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other.

Psalm 119:67 Before I was afflicted I went astray, But now I keep Your word…..71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes.

I’d like everyone two answer either or both of these questions:

1/ What was your “trivial” reality check?

2/ What has been your “spiritual” reality check?

I’ve shared my trivial reality check moment. The more serious eye-opening for me was when we found out our daughter in Australia was suffering severe flu like symptoms. I am normally not real vocal in asking for prayers about personal matters but this drove me too appealing to friends and to our church family to pray.

So, two questions:

1/ What was your “trivial” reality check?

2/ How was the virus caused you to think more seriously about your relationship with God? Your answer here might be a real blessing to others.

PS – I’m relieved to report Hayley is doing much better. Thank you for your prayers.

14 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. My trivial reality check is meal preparation. Before the virus we would either do take out (a lot) or go to store each day to get what was needed for that day. After virus we try to stay in as much as possible meaning way less take out and having food in the house to reduce outings to the store.

    My spiritual reality check grows each day, but in a phrase I guess it would be God does provide. In a time of shortages, we have what we need. In a time of calamity, He saved my son’s life. And in a time of uncertainty, His promises are sure.


  2. My trivial reality check was after knowledge of the Corona virus and its danger…I thought about my several necessary blood transfusions received recently to sustain my physical life…could they have been obtained from a infected donor? A whirlwind of anxiety enveloped me, yes Mrs. Positive Attitude had an aha moment.
    I kept reflecting on Holy scriptures that always provided comfort and restoration to my Spirit. One favorite Psalms 37:25…I once was young and now I am old…never have I seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread.”
    I thank God for reminding me that His promises and protection are true and limitless. Now I have returned to Perking Perking mode continually expressing my faith in God to others, hopefully they will see the Glory of God through me…His child and submit to His will and His way.


  3. Beautiful Mary Kay…thank you. Let us all continue and encourage one another for the ultimate goal…our home in heaven praising Our God.


  4. Thankful that we are still creating ways our spiritual family can be together even when we are apart. My trivial reality check was realizing I was going to home school my kids for the next couple of weeks or even for the rest of the semester. Thankfully I have homeschooled before recently and still have all the materials I need and enough books to last my kids years 🙂

    My spiritual reality check is knowing that we have no idea what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks and months. There are a lot of people I care about who do not know Jesus and those people could die from this virus. I am however enjoying more time to worry less over the “extra” things and focus on my family and more time with God.


  5. 1. No eggs, no fresh meat, not very many fresh vegtables or fruits in the grocery store. We do live in a very privledged society.
    2. Really miss being able to see my brothers and sisters in Christ. Know God has this pandemic and in is control. His grace, mercy and love is here with us each moment.


  6. 1/ What was your “trivial” reality check?

    I’ve had a couple lately. Ann’s back issue flaring made me fearful we were in for another hospital round. Thankful it did not.come to that.

    Second, the sheer volume of business I have had. I am thankful and blessed beyond measure. But I am one man and dealing with customers can be trying. I have to remind myself and them that I am human and have limits.

    2/ How was the virus caused you to think more seriously about your relationship with God? Your answer here might be a real blessing to others.

    Definitely made me think about the fragility of life… wondering if “today is the day”


  7. 1. No eggs, no fresh meat, not very many fresh vegtables or fruits in the grocery store. We do live in a very privledged society.
    2. Really miss being able to see my brothers and sisters in Christ. Know God has this pandemic and in is control. His grace, mercy and love is here with us each moment.


  8. My trival check…when so many people were first dying like flies in China and there was no cure for this very very spreadable Coronavirus and I could see that it was starting to spread everywhere and people kept dying and I knew it was just a time before we were in that position, with no medical way to help us or them who had our been through it and no way to stop this very rapid and contagious spread. I wish I had contacted the CDC and the World Health Organization at that point and found credible information for what ways of protection we could do to better prepare ourselves for common ways of helping to treat our Shelf at home through the proper ways of finding the right chemicals that would help us only if I had looked into it earlier when I could find all this stuff. I’m very disappointed in myself for lack of proactive action and for lack of ways to find to help others and especially my Christian friends so they can be okay especially the older ones.

    My spiritual reality was starting to hit then but it has got worse as the situation has got worse here. My reality check for us here in the US became even more real when only a few people were having it in the beginning and immediately it begin to spread so quickly and easily out of control and now is affecting all of us everywhere. I have been through a lot of horrible things in my life and have been lucky to survive many of them but this time all the strength and persistence and getting myself together to help myself survive and live through it will not help in any way in this situation. I was talking on the phone to Millie Washington I think two or three days ago and we were discussing that no one in this time had gone through things like this that people in the past used to go through when there wasn’t medical help yet developed and invented to take care of things that they had gone through and we now have been taking a lot for granted for a long time and I think it’s good that we’re getting this wake up call.. I’ve had my share of medical troubles which have really affected my life and my ability to live and take care of myself and I hope that God will allow me to make it through this and 2 make it through some medical changes as long as I can survive this Coronavirus. For a while is also been hitting me home in my mind with my mother, 89, few days and people like Maxine at church we’re so deadly for her and other older senior citizens and people like Mary Kay and Joe Carter who are both on the older side and are dealing with cancer which reduces your immune system and that makes them extra acceptable and I have been worried about them and others in similar situations and I want them to be able to make it through this.


  9. Sorry it wouldn’t let me continue above I’m still trying to figure this out. As for me and my spiritual well being and face I have been wanting to get rid of baptized since early last year but I couldn’t in summer this year because of my eye surgeries and I wish I could Shine Your Way to get re- baptized and I had prayed to God about it and now I regret and feel like I’ve waited too late with this Coronavirus and that worries me. Losing my site last year in my right eye has given me the same kind of appreciation that others are feeling now about the Coronavirus. Like I was talking about Millie Washington to a couple or three days ago there is no guarantee on life and most of us have grown up without things like this in our lives unless we’re NRA 80s. I has thank God In Hope to soon again about him teaching me about life and how precious the things are he has given us when I lost my sight in my right eye and I feel that way about the Coronavirus.


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    1. Alex….sorry your comment went to spam for some reason. I actually am not sure I have the answers to your questions but I believe it might be “Independent Publisher”? Its simple, maybe less frills makes it run a little smoother?

      Good luck and you stay safe as well.


  11. Trivial a ha moment: we will not be able to get books from the library. Fortunately, we have a ton of books plus can do on-line books. Now if I can get Stuart to read them in on-line format!
    Spiritual a ha moment: Sadness at not being able to worship together physically, but thanks for technology that will allow us to connect in new ways. LOTS of good sermons available on-line to listen to, songs to hear and sing, and, of course, my Bible to read.


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