2 New Classes Start Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow on this site we will be offering 2 interactive Bible classes that we invite everyone to join!

One study is a very basic. We want to reset and complete a study that was interrupted by the Conoravirus outbreak entitled Turning Points of the Bible Story. This is an overview of the Bible story that looks at the critical moments that changed the course of history to bring about God’s plan.

This would be good for anyone but especially someone who is not that familiar with the Bible or who is new to Bible study. When we are done in a little over two weeks you will better understand what the Bible is really all about!

The other study is more in depth – a “chapter a day” study through the book of Revelation.

Many think Revelation is being fulfilled before right our eyes today. I don’t think that is correct but I do believe it has a message of hope and comfort for Christians in any kind of crises. Revelation is a challenging book but I believe our fast paced study might make it easier to keep the main purpose in focus. We will try not to get confused by and bogged down in the figurative language that we will show clearly cannot be taken literally.

These studies will run simultaneously – you can do one or both. Most of us are going to have a little more time on our hands for the next couple of weeks – why not make valuable use of this time and gain a better understanding of the Bible?

Sign up to receive the morning emails or revisit this page each morning to participate!

8 thoughts on “2 New Classes Start Tomorrow

  1. If we weren’t able to catch & attend all the earlier Wednesday night bible study’s on the basic class, is there any way to have access to both the questions and correct answers to all the previous Wednesday night studies in this important, great class? When I get the questions and just answer them all on my own, without hearing from others, that really understand the Bible, so much better than I do, I usually miss most of the main, important points, or, am totally lost & unable to answer many of the questions. I really need this whole lesson, and need to understand and be able to remember most of it. What do you recommend that I do?


  2. What does it mean, when people talk about “figurative” language, as in Revelations?
    Is that something that is real, or, not?
    What are we supposed to be thinking when we read “figurative” language?


    1. Figurative language is non-literal…. usually very dramatic and is used to emphasize a point. For example in Chapter 5:6 it describes Jesus as like a lamb having seven horns and seven eyes. We could discuss what that signifies, but the main point there is that it is Jesus. Chapter 12 describes a woman “clothed with the sun”. Is that literal or figurative?

      Revelation uses many symbolic numbers and talks about beasts. In Chapter 17 the city of Rome is described as a woman riding on a scarlet beast having seven heads and ten horns. In Chapter 7 God’s faithful people are numbered as 144000, 12000 from each tribe of Israel. It is doubtful those are literal numbers. These would be examples of figurative language and Revelation is filled with it.

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  3. OK, SO, it’seems all not really real. I remember one Sunday morning, not to long ago, that you preached on Revelations, & that Sunday, you were explaining to us, what some of the things in Revelations meant. I was able to remember some of that, at that time. I am glad that you’ll be also having this class on Revolutions, & going back over that material, &, hopefully this time, I can have time & take some notes down, so, I can go back to it, be able to re-read my notes, when I forgot things, & always be able to be reminded, so that I can keep remembering it, & also, keep being able to understand it. Thanks so much Jimmy!!


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