Revelation 4

Chapter 4 is where the real vision of Revelation gets underway. John is invited to look into heaven and see “things which must take place after this”. In times of crises we want to know what the future holds!

Before getting to “things which must take place” which really starts up in chapter 6, John gets a glimpse into heaven. He sees God on His throne. It is an awe inspiring scene.

God is surrounded by 24 elders on 24 thrones and 4 living creatures.

  1. What are all these in heaven doing?
  2. Why does verse 11 say God is worthy to be worshiped?
  3. What else catches your attention about John’s vision of God on His throne?

In verse 8, the 4 living creatures are saying “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”. Note that this is the source of great song, “Holy Holy Holy”. The 3rd verse of that song says “Holy Holy Holy, though the darkness hide Thee”. I am sure for these 7 churches the darkness of their circumstances was making it difficult to see God. There are times when darkness seems to hide God from our eyes as well. John got to see into heaven and wrote it down for us: God is there reigning on His throne!

This scene will continue tomorrow in chapter 5.

10 thoughts on “Revelation 4

  1. Worshipping God, worthy as the creator of all things. As to what catches my attention is the vast description of what John sees. It is way more than I can comprehend.


  2. Jimmy, thanks for the words of encouragement and helping us to continue to study the Scriptures in this challenging period. Hope everyone is doing well. The vs 11 says God is worthy to be worshiped because he created all things and He has power over these things. This gives us hope that He can put an end to what’s going on currently in the world if He chooses.


  3. What a powerful image! I heard someone give a talk once about how our image of heaven is skewed to imagine a place where we live as we do on earth but in perfection. No, heaven is the realm where we worship the King, the Creator, the Savior of man. Who is worthy!! “Too wonderful for comprehension!”

    The creatures “full of eyes” makes me think about the song “There’s an eye watching you.” We cannot hide from God. He sees everything!


  4. John says that he was in the Spirit in v 2.. I don’t know what that means. This is the same thing I asked you about in Ch. 2, when Jesus said it about himself 4 times, at the end, when speaking about what to write each church. In ch 3, Jesus said it again in verses, 6, 13, & 22. Also, in ch. 3, in v. 1, it reads that Jesus has the 7 Spirits of God. What are the 7 Spirits of God??


    1. Honestly I do not know what the 7 spirits of God are. Perhaps someone else can offer an idea.

      When John said he was “in the spirit” I think it means being influenced by the Holy Spirit….as opposed to being only in his natural mind. In a trance in which God was speaking to him or guiding him.

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      1. The church is to be an extension of God here on earth to guide others to Salvation. Do you think the 7 spirits of God, are the seven churches?


      2. I agree with your point the the church is an extension of God here on earth to encourage and guide people…we are to let the Spirit dwell in us and teach the word of God which is the sword of the Spirit. This is a great way of looking at it.

        I think however in Revelation the seven spirits are distinct from the 7 churches which are on earth.

        1:4 for example makes the distinction. 4:5 seems to place them in heaven?

        Having said that, I’m not confident I understand the precisely correct answer – something I know I am going to say a lot as we go through Revelation.

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