Turning Point #4 – The Law Given at Mount Sinai

The children of Israel left Egypt, crossed the Red Sea, and in 1 month came to Mount Sinai. Here they spent a year and received the Law of Moses.

God had promised to Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation. This promise has been fulfilled. At mount Sinai the nation will receive its law, called “the Law of Moses” but of course really it was from God.

Today’s reading: Exodus 20.

The law is introduced with the 10 Commandments. This is not the entire law, but these 10 commandments deserve special attention in that God specified 10, set them apart and wrote them on tablets of stone.

Mount Sinai was a frightening scene (18-21). What effect did the thunder, lightening, trumpets and smoke have on the people?

Why did God say He appeared in such fashion? (20:19, and see also 19:9).

Did the frightening presence of God and law cure their desire for sin? What where the children of Israel doing while Moses was on the Mountain receiving the law (see Exodus 32:1-10).

6 thoughts on “Turning Point #4 – The Law Given at Mount Sinai

  1. The fear of God would prevent them from sinning. After years in Egypt exposed to powerless idol gods, I understand why the Israelites needed to be taught and reminded of God’s power, but it is interesting to me that this caused the Israelites to retreat in fear, whereas Jesus’ message is to come unto me and I will give you rest.

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    1. Thanks Mary K. We are doing a Facebook live tonight and will talk about some of the points you mentioned.

      One thing interesting is that it didn’t keep them from sinning very long, not all of them at least. I think it should have. Maybe the approach of Jesus is more effective on some ways?

      Appreciate your comments!

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  2. The people were so frightened at the thunder, lightning, smoke, and the trumpet’s sound, that they did not want to directly hear God but sent Moses to hear Him. They feared they would die if they heard Him to which Moses says, “Do not fear. God has come to test you . . . So that you may not sin.” What God first says after giving the 10 commandments is to NOT make anything like a god of silver or gold (20:23), yet what do they do? Make a golden calf because 40 days seemed interminable to them. Hmm, by April 30 we will have self-isolated 45 days or so. Hope we don’t let ourselves be led astray!

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  3. I’m sorry, but, I still have some questions. Verse 7, ‘“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.’Exodus 20:7 What does it mean to take the name of the Lord your God in vain? This is Old Testment, so what if we do that now, after the covent has been established in the New Testment?

    ‘“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’Exodus 20:16 What does it mean by bearing false witness against anyone?

    The rules & fear with the Isralites never remained effective. I think it is different with Jesus, because God, through him, has given us also rules throught the Bible, but also gave us Jesus for the remission of our sins. And, God, through Jesus, laid out clearly what all we should do, if we sin. Repent, pray to God, and ask for forgiveness. And God gave us this forgiveness through Jesus, and how to go about doing right with God to hopefully get that.


    1. We should certainly hold the name of God in reverence. I’ve know some people who would not even spell out the word God but rather write G-d. Pr the scribes who when copying the scriptures and come to the name of God would stop, go and bathe, Shane writing utensils before continuing. That isnt required by God but I do appreciate their reverence. This is the God we read about yesterday at Mount Sinai who is so powerful and fearful.

      Having said that, I wonder if both of the Scriptures don’t refer to giving misleading information in court. Taking the name of God would be swearing in his name (Dt.6:13) To do it in vain would be to call on the name of God but then not be truthful and the things we say. Lying is bad enough but lying under Oath to God is worse!

      Likewise for bearing false witness against our neighbor if we make false accusations and fail to speak the truth it would undermine our legal system.


  4. Jimmy, you sure said a whole lot, & really explained some kind of basic things that I had totally no idea about at all. I know it’s probably expected that most people, high school age, & over, already know lots of Bible statements such as these. Thank you for your understanding and kindness Jimmy, for taking your time to fully explain these things to me. These are the kinds of things that most everybody talks about in the. Middle of sentences, & just continues on, as if everyone automatically understands things like this. Then, they continue on, and I get lost, then way further more confused, until I have totally no kind of idea what ever has been said & talked about. Thank you so much Jimmy. There are just tons of real basic things that I have no kind of understanding about. I’m so lost, what ever anybody is talking about. Thanks for you patience in explaining these things above!


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