Revelation 5

This chapter is a continuation of the throne scene in heaven we studied yesterday.

In God’s hand there is a scroll that is sealed with 7 seals. The contents of the scroll will reveal the things that are going to take place. The text notes that there was no one worthy to take the scroll and open it and that John wept because of this.

The verse 5 says, “Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” When the Lamb takes the scroll, worship breaks out in heaven again much like chapter 5, only this time the Lamb is included in the praise.

  1. Why do you suppose that, initially, there was this feeling of disappointment that no one was able to open the scroll?

2. “The Lion of the tribe of Judah”. “The Root of David”. “Like a Lamb that had been slain”. Who do these refer to? What else does it say about Him?

3. In addition to the elders and beasts we read about in chapter 4, who else do we see is there joining in the worship?

4. What you would say is the main idea from John’s vision into heaven and the throne of God in Revelation 4 and 5?

14 thoughts on “Revelation 5

  1. I really like chapter five. I love the thought that all creation, including those in heaven, earth and sea, came together to give honor to Jesus through the beautiful language in verse 13.

    At this point, John is receiving the revelation and has not be given the answer as to who is worthy to open the scroll. I am sure the fear or disappointment he felt was very unsettling to think that in all of history and creation, no one was worthy to open the scroll. It makes me think of the language in Romans 8:19, that says creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. In Revelation 4& 5, you can feel a build up of excitement and longing in the heavenly hosts to give praise to Him and the Lamb.

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    1. cmbusher, this is a great response, showing much understand and knowledge on your part. You really seem to know and have a great understanding of so much about the Bible. I’m not sure who you really are, but, your thoughts are quite impressive all the time.


      1. Thank you Amy for your kind words, I don’t think I have a grasp on it but am enjoying the opportunity to learn as we move through the chapters. I am not sure why it posts a username when in the past it just posted my name.
        Christina Buscher 😊


      2. I don’t know either. But, it’s nice to know who you are. 😁 I think very highly of your grasp on the Bible Christina!! Thanks so much for all your great, helpful comments!!!


  2. The chapter begins in a bleak and unrelenting hopelessness which is where we all lived before Jesus, then explodes into hope beyond measure. This had to be an exceeding encouragement to John and the churches and to us.

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    1. I”m so glad you are back to feeling up to commenting Mary Kay. YOu too always have good ideas and nice insight, into a lot of things that I forget to think about. For example, I hadn’t even connected the bleak and unrelenting hopeless, which we all lived in before Jesus to this in Revelations, even though I’ve just been going through the other adult online lesson, which has just covered that. Then, Mary Kay, you were even able to think ahead to how this was going to be a great encouragement for John and the other churches, and even for us, way later in life, as we get to go back through the Bible and can go through the Bible parts and much as we can, when ever we want (basically). Thank you for thinking way outside of the smaller box and being able to think so well to before and after, and bring it all together. Hugs Mary Kay, I love you and Sandy!


  3. Earlier, in a couple of the Revelations Chapters, I had tried to ask about what the 7 Spirits of God were. Now, it explains it: ‘And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth. ‘Revelation 5:6 Do you know why God sent 7 Spirits out int all the world? If you know, what have they been doing in all the earth?

    Is the lamb, who was worthy and could open the scroll, representative of Jesus?

    Many angles are also there worshiping.

    The main vision is that there are so many up in heaven, being around close, falling to worship God. Everyone one and thing is in concordance of how great and worthy of wroship that God is due, and how he is all supreme, the greatest, and the ultimate being that ever was, or ever will be. Everything and everybody total believes this with all this being and is totally into awe, reverence, and worship toward God.


  4. 2nd post, 1st post right above.
    Is Jesus in the Spirit, John in the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit, all up in heaven during what is being discussed in Revelations? I don’t really understand the Holy Spirit, where he is, what he does, and his roll. Someone from the church told me 2 weeks ago that the Holy Spirit was with the authors, while they were writing the bible, to give them comfort, and help them write what was real, accurate, correct, etc. What does the Holy Spirit do now? What are we supposed to know about him to get an understanding about him?

    Jimmy I went back and read your recent post to an earlier post of mine, that cleared up that the Spirit (Holy Spirit???) was speaking through Jesus and that is what it meant at the end of each letter to each church. Thanks for that. I left you a comment back there too.


  5. This scene makes me think of the song, “High above the seraphim Sounds an everlasting hymn; Voices echo thro’ the hall And shake the temple wall. Living creatures bless the King, Four and twenty elders sing, ‘Worthy He who overcame,” “The Word of God” His name.” No one except Jesus was and is worthy of opening the scroll. He overcame sin and death!

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  6. Amy, my understanding is that John is on earth, but “in the spirit” (in a vision) is given a ‘look’ into heaven. I have never had the impression from Revelation that John went to heaven, rather he was allowed to see what it is like.

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    1. Thank you Susan!! I’m really glad that you so sweetly cleared that up for me. As you could tell, I’ve been thinking that John, who you earlier also commented, then, Jimmy also confirmed back to you in a comment, when you’d commented in an earlier lesson chapter of Revelations, that the same John, wrote John, John, 1, 2, & 3, was the apostle John, and was the John in Revelations. Thank you for that Susan, and thanks to Jimmy for confirming that.

      I was, until I just read your comment right above, that John was now up in Heaven too, still believing that. Thanks so much Susan!. There is just so much basic things that I yet don’t understand or know.


  7. In Jimmy’s? Above, to us, #2, reads: The Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Root of David, like aamb that has been slain. Who does this refer to, and what else does it say about him?

    Is Jesus also this lamb? Up above Jimmy commented back to me, and confirmed that Jesus was the lamb, that was worthy of opening the scroll. Thanks Jimmy!!😁

    Is Jesus also the Lion of the tribe of Judah? If so, that might mean that Jesus came from the tribe of Judah. True? What else is it saying about him (who I am thinking is also meaning Jesus?)


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