Turning Point #6 – The Conquest of Canaan

The children of Israel became an independent nation when they left Egypt and they received the Law at Mount Sinai. Because of a lack of faith they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. At the end of the 40 years Moses dies and Joshua becomes the new leader. The time to inherit the land has finally come! The book of Joshua tells the story.

Instructions To Joshua – Joshua 1:1-9

Joshua, one of the “faithful spies” from last lesson, was chosen by God to be the new leader. God assured him that He will give them the land.

What “non-military” responsibility does God stress to Joshua as He prepares him to lead the conquest? (7-9)

God asks the rhetorical question, “Have I not commanded you?” What is the implication of that statement?

First Battle: Jericho – Joshua 6:1-5, 15-21.

The first battle of this military campaign was at Jericho. Note the strange battle plan for taking the city of Jericho in Joshua 6:3-5. Honestly, does it make any logical sense?

The children of Israel did what God said and He gave them the victory.

What does it show about Israel and Joshua’s leadership that they were willing to obey God when He asked them to do something so illogical? (Hint: See Hebrews 11:30).

Mission AccomplishedJoshua 21:43-45, 23:11-16.

How many times in the scriptures above does it state explicitly that God has fulfilled the promise concerning the land? (Count them!)

When Joshua realize he was about to die what warning did He give the children of Israel?

Note that the LAND promise, as well as the GREAT NATION promise has now been fulfilled. The final promise God made to Abraham was, “in your seed all nations of the earth will be blessed” referring to Jesus who will be born in this nation and who will die for the sins of all mankind.

2 thoughts on “Turning Point #6 – The Conquest of Canaan

  1. God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous and careful to obey the law. And Joshua was a bold leader and Israel was bolder as a nation under his leadership. It is a striking contrast to the character of the nation when the spies returned from Canaan. It is as if they finally began to recognize the almighty power of God. That is a turning point for anyone.

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  2. When God asked the rhetorical question (does that mean that you are asking a question that you think that the answer is already, obvious, understood, & doesn’t really need an answer???? I’ve always wondered about that.), “Have I not commanded you?” What does imply & mean?

    How many times, count them… I counted 8 times, but this is real hard on me because each time, it was said a little different, or pertained to a ( couple of times) to a different areas of the land, or was said in little different ways. I’ve had some many problem, like this, all through somewhere over 160 college credits, in all classes with words, non-math, non high up math classes, non physics classes, & non accounting, non finance classes, non computer & computer programming classes, etc. Words are not always said literally & logically, and can & do therefore generate so many actual, right, correct answers. You can easily change punctuation, word order, & so many more little things, leave certain words out, add a word, say something in a different way, which can, like the rest, alter the exact interpretation. I have had, & always do, have so ,much trouble with the correct thing asked,or, trying to figure out the exact thing that’s being asked & wanted because of all of the ambiguous information through words.

    When Joshua realized that he was about to die, would your answer be in Joshua 23:11–16? I ask because in Joshua 21:43–45, it seemed to be all about good things and a more happy occasion. If you can please help me figure out where to look for that answer, I will probably be a better to read & u Der stand the warning. I’mean curious, is the warning part of Joshua 23:11–16?? If so, I’very read that a few times with this lesson, and that could be the answer you are asking about. But, I just didn’t see ino there, or right above there, where it said that Joshua knew that he was fixing to die; so, I’m confused about that too.


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