Revelation 7

When the 7th seal is opened (tomorrow) we will see a great fury unleashed on the earth in the form of 7 trumpets. But before that, in chapter 6, we get two comforting pictures:

(1) The servants of God (144,000) are sealed (1-8). This provided protection from the judgments coming.

(2) Another worship scene from heaven (9-17).

We wonder what to make of the number 144,00 and why there are 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel? What does the text say that identifies who these are? See 14:1-4 for more clues about their identity. Why do you think its 144,000. Is that the total number saved? Or could the number be symbolic?

Who is a part of the great multitude worshiping around the throne? It says they came our of the great tribulation, but what is their condition now?

So we see God’s people on earth and in heaven. In either place, they are blessed.

11 thoughts on “Revelation 7

  1. Around the throne you have angels (v. 2, 11), the elders and the four living creatures (v. 11), the multitude from “all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues” (v. 9), and the Lamb seated on the throne (9, 17). One could argue that the 144,000 might not be before the throne because in v. 9 John says, “After these things (seeing the 144,000) I looked,” and saw the multitude, etc. Could it be that the 144,000 were “sealed” (faithful Jews until Christ came), and after Jesus’ coming, the multitude are those who have been washed in baptism (v. 14 “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb”)? (Just a thought). And this multitude is the saints who will persevere during the persecution that is to come. Much comfort given to those who persevere – “They shall neither hunger nor thirst anymore, . . . The Lamb will shepherd them . . . And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

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    1. I think you are correct Susan….if I understand you. I believe the 144,000 are faithful servants of God on earth. I take it as a different group beginning in verse 9, who are standing before the throne.

      To me this is a significant point….God’s people are going to be ok. He is watching over “sealing” those on earth….and those in heaven are secure in the presence of God with no more troubles and trials.

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  2. Chapter 14:4 references the 144,000 as virgins. Another thought – could the loyal Jews, those who did not “bow the knee to Baal” or practice idolatry, be virgins in the sense that they did not JOIN themselves to those awful and disrespectful practices but worshipped God in purity?

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    1. Also….pretty sure we shouldn’t take the number literal….

      Literally….as you pointed out it would only be Jewish male (14:4 “did not defile themselves with women”) virgins….and only 144,000.

      I take it as a complete number that describes God’s faithful, pure people.

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  3. I have no idea what the 144,000 means other than it is a function of 12 as in the 12 tribes. I don’t think it can mean those who are saved because the chapter continues to talk about a great multitude that no one could count from every nation, etc. and it seems that this may describe the saved. If I am forced to give a significance to the seal of 12,000 per tribe, I (and this is out of thin air) would guess that this may signify that the promise to Abraham thru the 12 tribes has been completed and their job is done. I feel like an idiot even speculating and am ready to be corrected by those who know.

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    1. I think of it like this. When we bought the house we now live in, before they cleared the lot we were allowed to tag with a ribbon any trees we wanted to save. The idea was those (sealed) trees would not be cut down when they came in to clear the lot of trees and bushes.
      I think it’s a symbolic number, a complete number that signifies that God is not going to let His people be harmed.
      I think these are God’s people on earth where as the group starting in verse 9 is God’s people in heaven.
      I am enjoying everyone’s questions and comments. Let’s stick with it and get through this book!

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    2. Aww, Mary Kay, I feel bad for you that you feel like an idiot when you speculate. 💛❤💚💖💙🤗🤗🤗

      None of us will EVER know it all & have all the answers. If we were all that perfect, we would be more close to being even with Jesus Christ, which, by God’said design is always impossible.

      We are all here to learn, & naturally, some people know more than others, just like in all areas of life. You might not think so, but, you, Mary Kay already know quite a lot. I, personally wish that I knew all that you know about the Bible, God, Jesus, & the Holy Ghost. Mary Kay, every time I comment, or even express an idea, i’m guessing, & what you call speculating. I admire you for so many reasons!!🤗🤗😍😁, and your knowledge of the Bible & your understanding of it, is only one reason for my admiring you so much, in so many ways. I love you Mark Kay, lots, & you mean so much to me, for just who you are!!!! 😍😇🤗😁👍💘💓💕💗💙💚💛💜💝💞


  4. Thanks to everyone for all their comments. It is helping me to wait, if I can, until most of you have already commented,so that, I’m not totally bombing get Jimmy with a ton of almost endless questions in my comments.

    I’m also learning from y’all’so comments, & Jimmy’s responses back to each of you. Everything is so great, wonderful, & I’m getting a great opportunity to learn in a way that works better for me. Thank you Jimmy, and all of you who also contribute & take the time to think about the lessons and comment with your thoughts & ideas!!!!!


  5. Jimmy, or, anyone else willing to help ,ensure out, I do have a few, probably, simple question for y’all. If any of y’all know any of the answers,lease help ,each out.

    In Revelations 7:14, one of the Elders, speaking to John, said of the 144,000, that these are the ones who came out of the great Tribulation,…” I have no idea what the great Tribulation was, or what it means.. Would someone tell me about it, what,it was, & what it meant???

    Above in the lesson, Jimmy referenced Revelations 14:1–4. There it stated that the 144,000 were all standing on Mount Zion. Where & what does the Bible says about Mount Zion?? I can’t remember any what ever happened at Mount Zion.

    Earlier, in one of our 2 current adult online classes, somewhere, it mentioned Mount Saint, or Mount Sini. Wasn’t that the mountain where Moses went up, alone, to talk with God? Weren’t all the Jews, who stayed below, very afraid of God & refused to come up mountain Saint? Was Mount Saini where Moses received the stone tablets , with the 10 commandments, written by God’said finger??

    Another important question is that a while back ( I don’the remember when that was), Jimmy, in one adult class, passed out a paper with all the Books of the Bible, written in chronoligaccal order. Does any one still have that list?????

    I’very been real confused, since we started the Revelations study!!! To ,eat, it seems that Revelations couldn’t have been written at the end of all the Bible books, because in it6, it talks about lot about the Jews, & the Jewish nations, and from some things that I’ve learned, were that before the end of the Bible, Jesus, his coming, his life on earth, and His message had also been preached to the Gentiles, & accepted by many of them. If that is so, then why, in Revelations, does it kind of got backwards, back when Jesus6was only, at 1st, just preaching to the Kews?????? This has been & continues 6confuse me. Will someone please help me understand about this concept??????


    1. Thanks for all your comments Amy. Ill try to give some thoughts on some of your questions….

      When it says the 144,000 are the ones who came out of the great tribulation – I think these are the ones who were faithful on earth, perhaps died for the faith. Now they are in heaven. They endured the persecutions and trials described in the book of Revelation.

      Mount Zion is another name for Jerusalem. Specifically, it was one of the Mountain in Jerusalem. It has a symbolic significance for heaven. We sing the song, “O Zion Zion, I long thy gates to see, O Zion lovely Zion, when shall I dwell in Thee” (referring to heaven). Again, the 144,000 (symbolic of the saved) in the vision of Revelation, went through tribulation on earth are now in heaven!

      Yes, Mount Sinai is where Moses received the law. The children of Israel were afraid when God met them at Mount Sinai.

      Not sure where the list of Bible books arranged chronologically is – ill try to find one. Revelation was written near the end of the 1st century. Either it or the gospel of John was possibly the last book written.

      You ask a great question when you ask about why Revelation talks about the Jews. Revelation may talk about the Jews symbolically – referring to God’s people as Jews. The book uses a lot of imagery from the Old Testament. The Jews were God’s people in the Old Testament (and much of the New). The church is sometimes referred to as spiritual Israel. Depending on when Revelation was written (I think after 70 ad) Jerusalem had been destroyed. God’s people were Christians (whether Jew or Gentile).


  6. Wow Jimmy, you said a lot of great helpful things in your comment!!! Thanks a lot Jimmy. I appreciate all that you so carefully explained to me. I totally had no idea about Mt. ZION being part, and a mountain in Jerusalem at all. I know own that song, but never knewe what it meant. I guess the Mt Zion, is the Jerusalem that God is going to make in the 2nd Heaven, later.


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