Revelation 10

Yesterday, in chapter 9, we read about two horrible judgments: 1) locusts from the bottomless pit and 2) a 200 million horseman army. These correspond to the 5th and 6th (of 7) trumpets, and the 1st and 2nd (of 3) “woes”. The 7th and final trumpet is yet to sound.

In chapter 10 John records how he saw a mighty angel with a little book that is open, containing 7 thunders.

John began to write, but then was told not to. It was told to him that in the sounding of the 7th trumpet “the mystery of God would be finished”.

Instead of writing John is instructed to eat the book which he does and which he found to be sweet at first, then bitter.

Finally, the chapter closes with a recommissioning of John to prophecy again.

If someone eats a book and finds it to be sweet, then bitter….what is that image suggesting?

An intriguing part of this chapter is verse 6 and 7, where the angel declared “that there should be delay no longer, but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets”.

When the 7th trumpet sounds, “The mystery of God, would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets.” What do you think of when you hear that phrase? What are some possible meanings?

The chapter leaves us with a feeling of anticipation: When will the 7th trumpet sound so we can know what is about to happen? We will see this in the next chapter.

5 thoughts on “Revelation 10

  1. I’m so upset. I just lost a lengthy, we’ll organized comment, just after I had finished it & got it the way I wanted it. I had so ,much important information in it! I had been working on it for well over an hour too. Now, I’m going to my back surgeon appointment, & leave in 25 minutes. Oh well; I will definitely try again later this afternoon or evening. It should just help ,each remember things better, & maybe, maybe help ,each understand this chapter better, which will help you, Jimmy a lot! 😁😍

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  2. The image I have on eating the book is that some things may not be as good as they seem. I have no idea what it means in this context. The finished mystery of God suggests to me that the work He put into place at the beginning of time is done. I’m anxious to read what others write about this, as I’m thinking it to be broader than ending with Rome…and that may be stretching it beyond its purpose.


    1. I think we get to see what it is tomorrow… or it says somethings that will help us.

      The statement coming up tomorrow when the trumpet sounds is “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!”

      I think that may be the idea. We think of the church as being already established (since Acts 2) but in some sense, more fully, maybe having withstood the greatest earthly empire of the day Rome.

      In Ephesians 3 Paul calls the church a mystery and the eternal purpose of God.

      I’d love to hear what others think as well.


  3. I don’t understand what is meant in the 5th chapter above, when it said; “Finally, the chapter closes with a recommissioning of John to prophecy again. ” I’ve never ever heard of the word recommissioning, & have no kind of idea what it is ,meanng here. Also, the word prophecy is used a lot in places in the Bible. What does it mean to prophecy? There are a
    Some places in the Bible, where it let’s us know, sometimes with some kinds of notations, when you are using a real Bible, the real actual Bible let’s you know when a prophecy has been fulfilled. I’mean guessing that, that probably means that something, that was said by probably someone of some importance, has now actually happened/occurred, at some other point, later & recorded in the Bible. Is this what is really going on & happening?? But, what 1st even qualifies anything said said, or, read, to even be qualified to be classified as a real prophecy??

    In paragraph 7 above, it begins by an angel declaring some things; but, finishes,, about in the same sentence, where it says, by declaring that the ,mystery of God, would be would be finished, as He declared to His servents and to His prophets. At first, the angle is talking, but, it seems that it probably switched to Jesus talking, near the end, because the words, “He, & Him, are both capitalized.

    Then, in the next paragraph, it says, “when the 7th trumpet sounds, the mystery of God will be finished, as he declared to His servents, The prophets. ” Here, also, the same words are capitalized, but the sentence seems to be referring to something that God has said. So, who said these things, in both chapters?? God, Jesus, or the angel?

    I also don’t understand the order of Godly figures in the Bible. God, Jesus, & the Holy
    York Spirit seem to represent the who
    English top, because I was told
    that God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit are “God–heads, which all think a like, but are 3 separate beings. Is this accurate?? Then, what is next below them? Angels or prophets?? If those are both next in level, in which ever kind of order, what comes below them? Maybe, the apostles? But, for now, th

    e prophets, in the Bible, & the apostles are all dead, but, I don’t understand what state they are currently in though. Has God, already decided, and done something special with the prophets of old, & also with all of Jesis’ apostles? If so, what has God done to & for them?

    Another real basic questions, which things in Revelations ch 10, talked some about….what are angles? Where did they originate from? From some things that I’ve read in the Bible, all angles all have all kinds of specialities, & different purposes, according to what God has commanded them to do, and also, by when he commands them to do certain things. Whyou are there angles, what order of Godly figures/beings are they? What is God’s ultimate plan & purpose for his angels? Angels seem to be very helpful and important to God. How many angels really are there?? Do they live & die, like our bodies do?? Are angels supposed to be still living forever, and also, therefore also be a big part of life later, in the new Heaven, after God, and whoever he has planned, to help, and destroy earth, and the currently existing Heaven?

    Jimmy, sorry about all the more basic questions. There are just so many basic ideas and things that I never had any class or opportunity anywhere, at any of the many very smaller churches we attended. Then, I’very been having some many issues & problems trying to even understand many sentences that most everyone uses & says at church, & everyone else just seems to totally get the things said, and be able to keep continuing on, understanding what the subject being talked about means. But, I’m always way lost, way back at some beginning point, and therefore can never even get to understand what message is being taught and shared with us, at church. I just someone could actually realize just how far I am actually behind everyone, even, also, in that young adult class, that you recently were nice enough to let me become a part of. I don’t even know any kind of way to look up anything in the Bible. That also limits me trying to
    Earn topics, and/or try to figure out things. I also need someone to help me figure out hoe people are in what ever form of electronic Bible they are using, and be able to see, if they are even there, marks, representing notations that can make reference to similar other verses within the Bible, where you can see, & then go and find that verse usually listed some kind of way from where you were originally reading at in the Bible.


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