Revelation 9

Chapter 8 contained 4 severe judgments (trumpets) and ended with an ominous warning of 3 more “woes” to come. Today in chapter 9 we read about the first 2 of those “woes”.

Let’s remember our rule about not getting too bogged down in the figurative language. Revelation 1:2 says when Jesus revealed this things to John “He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John”. To signify means to write in signs. That statement is a “heads up” to us that the book will contain symbolic, figurative language.


To simplify things, there are two “judgments” in chapter 9 – the first by a plague of locusts coming from a bottomless pit and the second by an army of 200 million horsemen.

The locust torment those who do not have the seal of God and this lasts for 5 months.

The army kills one third of mankind.

The chapter closes noting that in spite of these judgments the world did not repent but continued its idolatry and sinful practices. Troublesome times should cause us to think about our relationship with God, and if necessary, to repent of our sins.

Can you think of another event in Bible history where God sent severe judgments but they did not produce repentance?

8 thoughts on “Revelation 9

    1. Even the power of the plagues did not stay with the children of Israel for a long time. As with all of us they soon forgot and begin to complain to Moses about leaving Egypt.
      Sadly this is our frail human nature.

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  1. The fallen star seems to represent Satan. We know from Luke 10:18 that Jesus said Satan fell from heaven. Also from Luke 8:31 Jesus revealed the abyss as the abode of the devil.

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    1. I tend to equate the abyss with hell – or at least the abode of the devils and demons. Certainly these locusts which come from the pit are evil. Later the devil will be thrown into the bottomless pit. Perhaps your right that the star is Satan falling from heaven.

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  2. In ch.9, it says in verse 1, to Him was given the key to the bottomless pit. Who was given that key? Jesus?

    Did these things in chapter. 9 really happen, when ever it was, back then at some point in history? Or, are these things supposed to happen later, when ever God has already decided, even before, he & Jesus, created the world? Or, is the whole figurative kind of story, something to more or less, scare those people around back then, part of which belonged to the 7 churches back in Revelations check. 2 & 3? To help scare & strongly encourage them to repent of their evil, ungodly ways, and then, be stronger, firmer–in their faith, beliefs, & convictions,, & behave like Christians aught to behave???


  3. If the star was Satan falling from Heaven, & that seems plausible, why was Satan even in Heaven in the 1st place??? God, who is the most knowledgeable, & most powerful being ever & forevermore, let Satan into his Heaven, & of course knew it, like he knows everything, even before it ever happens, then why was God allowing Satan to be in Heaven, & stay in heaven???


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