Revelation 12

In chapter 12 the book kind of resets itself. This is not a chronological continuation of the things we have been reading. Rather it is retelling the story from a different point of view. This chapter starts with a highly figurative description of the birth of Jesus.

There are 3 parts to chapter 12.

In 1-6 you see a woman giving birth (to the Christ) and Satan trying, but failing to destroy her Child.

in 7-12 you see a war in heaven between Satan and Michael the archangel. Satan loses.

In 13-17 you see defeated Satan back on earth persecuting the woman and her offspring.

As we have said before, try not to get too bogged down in the images. (I honestly have no idea what the dragon throwing a third of the stars of heaven to the earth signifies.) Instead, stand back and look for the general idea.

Having failed to defeat Jesus, Michael, or the woman, what does the dragon occupy himself with now? (17)

In verse 11, by what 3 things does it say the brethren overcame Satan? What could these mean to us?

In interpreting 7-12 keep in mind there was a “battle” between God’s forces and Satan when Jesus died and was raised. Consider: Gen.3:15, Col.2:15, Heb.2:14, 1 John 3:8.

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  1. The blood of the lamb, their testimony, they did not fear death. It is these same attributes that will create our triumph today. Having failed to defeat Jesus, Satan wages war against Christians.


  2. In verses 1–6, Mary had a safe hiding spot for quite a while. Is this real, or figurative? If the devil was out to kill her and her offspring, is that real or figurative? It seems like it could be real, based on some verses in the Bible. Ex. Gen 3:15, where God said that he would put enmity (what is enmity, what does it mean?) Between you and the woman (maybe some kind of safety), and between your seed and her Seed: does that infer and mean that the Devil had seed too? If so, when, where, and what seed?

    Col. 2:15, Having disarmed principalities (what does that word mean?) and powers (maybe the devil), He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. Was this God or Jesus talking? I would think God, because up above in the lesson it mentions that the fight in Heaven took place after Jesus had risen from the dead. Assuming this verse refers to the devil getting humiliated, etc., How was the devil made a public spectacle?

    Hebrews 2:14 says that Jesus, through his death, might destroy the devil.

    I John 3:8, …For this purpose the Son Of God was manifested (???), that He might destroy the works of the devil….
    This talks about through Jesus, he could destroy the devil’s works. This could mean through hearing, believing, repenting, confessing, and being baptized.. Then, living your life right. But, this still doesn’t have a solution for what, why, why then, etc, about the fight in heaven.

    When the fight in Heaven took place, why had the dragon (some part of the devil), and the devil’s angels already found a way to get into Heaven? Why had God allowed this, and allowed it to continue? Why and how does the devil have angels? One of God’s angels was called an archangel, named Michael. What is an archangel? Do all of God’s angels get names, like Michael did?

    I don’t understand anything about angels. I asked questions about them, in a post to another Revelations lesson, maybe 4 lessons back; but I never got any answer to any of my questions, or my guesses to some of the posted questions, just like in the 1st Revelation ch lesson. I thought we were encouraged to ask questions too. What am I doing so wrong with the questions????

    I really know so little about the Bible, and never had classes growing up, where you learned basic concepts… I’ve also been away from church for many years. I have lots of questions, but, hardly any answers ever. I don’t know what more to do.


    1. Ill try to answer a few of these but I am not absolutely certain …

      When we read about the woman who gave birth we might ought to think about the Jewish nation. The garland of 12 stars could be the tribes. , especially when it speaks of the devil trying to kill her and her offspring. I don’t think we are talking about Mary but probably the Jewish nation. Jesus came through the Jews.

      I don’t think the devil had seed. The Genesis 3:15 text was talking to the serpent, who had seed, but it said He (Jesus) will bruise your (Satan’s) head, and you (Satan) shall bruise His (Jesus’) heel.

      In Colossians 2:15 Paul was describing the victory of Jesus over the powers of evil. He triumphed over Satan when He was raised from the dead. Principalities means rulers and authorities, in this case I believe referring to the powers of evil.

      The war that broke out in heaven I take to be the spiritual battle between God and Satan, good and evil, that took place when Christ died and was resurrected. In heaven here doesn’t mean the home of God, but probably refers to the unseen spiritual world or remember this was a vision…this whole drama was portrayed to John as taking place in the heavens, meaning the sky or what we think of as space.

      The Bible does say that the devil has angels. (Matthew 25:41) We might think of these as demons or something like that. The word angel means messenger.


      1. Thank you lots Jimmy!! 🌠🌅

        You so nicely, and clearly, explained a whole lot to me.

        Every little bit that you explain is so important, helps me so much, and is greatly appreciated!!🥰


  3. Another comment from my friend Rick. I thought this one was pretty good….

    Another interesting detail we’re given in the gospels is that when Jesus, from upon the cross, said, “I am thirsty,” some from the crowd lifted up a sponge dipped in sour wine to give Him a drink. John specifically states the type of branch used to lift the sponge to his mouth was “a branch of hyssop” (John 19:29). Why would the apostle John include such a seemingly insignificant detail? Taking for granted that the wine filled sponge would have been red in color, this makes for an intriguing comparison when considering the instructions for applying the blood of the sacrificed lamb to the houses of the children of Israel during Passover: “And you shall take a bunch of hyssop and dip it in the blood which is in the basin, and apply some of the blood that is in the basin to the lintel and the two doorposts” (Ex. 12:22).


  4. And a comment from Michael Lusk. I made reference to this one in the video….

    Exodus 12:5 describes the nature of the Passover lamb: unblemished, without fault, so not sick, blind, lame, or deformed. It needed to be a perfect sacrifice (as you point out). But here is the difference – that Passover lamb had not choice in how it was born. It was either perfect or not, through no fault or doing of its own. Our Passover lamb is different. Our Passover lamb chose to be without spot of blemish. Our Passover lamb was “tempted in all ways as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). That poor lamb in the OT had no idea what was coming until the knife slit its throat. But our Passover lamb knew from eternity the horrors it had to suffer, and yet went willingly (note the graphic image of the Passover lamb in Revelation 5:6 – “as if slain” – it’s throat and neck would have been covered in blood). How much greater is out Passover Lamb and than the one in the OT! But our Passover lamb had to be greater. The Passover lamb in the OT only delivered the Jews from physical death at a certain moment in time. This Passover lamb delivers all men for all time from eternal spiritual death! Yes, the OT Passover lamb is a shadow our the promised Passover lamb, but what a pale and weak representation of the real lamb of sacrifice it is. As an aside, I wonder in John 1:29, when John the Baptist pointed out Jesus and recognized Him as the Lamb that would take away the sin of the world, how many of the Jews immediately pictured a lamb with it’s throat slit and the blood flowing from it? I never read that verse and pictured Jesus that way until I considered what Rev. 5:6 is trying to tell us. We have a very different understanding of what a sacrifice is because we do not live in a cultural that requires daily sacrifice


  5. I like the fact that this chapter is divided into 3 sections. I do not believe the woman is Mary, mother of Jesus. It seems to be figurative language referring to a broader meaning that Mary. Because John is seeing this sign in heaven could the sun, moon and stars represent the three dispensations — the Patriarchal, Mosaic and Christian? The Patriarchal and Mosaic were leading to the birth and death of Christ to give us the Christian age. With Christ coming to earth the mystery of old is revealed.

    Verses 7-9 shows Satan and his angels waging war with Michael and his angels. Michael is referred as an angel in Jude 9. At this time Satan is thrown to earth.

    In Verse 11 The believers over came Satan because of the death of Christ, because of the word and their willingness to die for the cause of Christ.

    Beginning in verse 12 the devil has a short time on the earth to war against the church and persecute Christians.
    Again, I believe the woman represents all the followers of God from the beginning of time to the time of the early church.


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