Revelation 19

After the defeat of the harlot in chapters 17 and 18, chapter 19 begins with a celebration (1-10) in heaven by a great multitude and the elders and the creatures we were introduced to in chapter 4. Notice the beautiful expressions of praise!

What announcement is made in verses 7-9 that is a cause for rejoicing?

In 11-16 we see a picture of Jesus riding on a white horse. He is called The Word of God and King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is wearing a robe dipped in blood.

What follows is a battle between Jesus on the White Horse and the beasts (from chapter 13) and their armies. This ends with a quick victory by Jesus and the “Supper of the Great God” which is supper for birds of the flesh of the armies and people who were allied with the beasts. Following this, the beast and false prophet are cast into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

We are nearing the end of the book! What enemies have been defeated? Who is yet to be defeated?

4 thoughts on “Revelation 19

  1. Verses 7-9 contain the image of a marriage figurative of Christ and His church. I love the image of the clean and bright linen which is the righteous acts of the saints. I’m also reminded of the feast Jesus spoke about in Luke 14:15 ff. All men are invited to be a part of God’s kingdom – his church – but not all will heed the call. But those who do will be rewarded.

    The enemy defeated in v. 20 I assume is the one sitting on the throne in Rome. The Roman Empire was destroyed in 476 AD due to the incompetence and decadence of its rulers along with God’s judgement on its persecution of His saints.

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      1. You too Jimmy!!!! I think that you have probably had to study the Bible, & some history, to have the understanding of all that you have.


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