Revelation 20

This is a challenging chapter! Let’s remember that there is much figurative language in Revelation. Instead of trying to figure out the specific meaning of each image look for the general ideas.

The chapter begins with Satan being bound for 1000 years. Remember, Satan’s allies in the conflict with the churches (the beasts) were cast into the Lake of fire at the end of chapter 19, but Satan is bound for 1000 years, and then will be released. What does he do when he is released? (7-9).

What becomes of Satan after that? (10)

What one last event is recorded in this chapter? (11-15).

What is the second death?

Thought for the day: Everyone will die once, but how can we be sure we will not be a part of the second death? See also, 21:8.

2 thoughts on “Revelation 20

  1. As soon as Satan is released he begins to deceive the nations. He brings them to war to gather around the saints. As soon as this is done, the nations are devoured by fire and Satan is thrown into the lake of fire and grindstone to be tormented day and night.

    The last events we see recorded is the judgement of all from the book of life at God’s throne. When the book of life is read, the deeds of everyone come to light. Those whose deeds are unworthy, like the ones listed in Revelation 21:8, are thrown into the lake of fire to be tormented. This is called the second death due to its final nature based on our own actions.

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  2. The NAS states that the devil and his followers are thrown into the lake of fire to be torment day and night forever and ever. This further shows as, Christina said, this is the final death. Verse 11 is also significant because earth and heaven fled away. 2 PETER 3: 10-13 speaks of the heavens and earth passing away (destroyed) and a new earth and heaven will come where righteousness dwells.

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