Turning Point #18 – The First To Be Called “Christians”.

Read about the church in Antioch in Acts 11:19-26.

Here the believers in Jesus were called “Christians” for the first time (26). This will be a good place for us to stop. God’s plan all along has been to provide salvation and establish a new community of believers: Christians!

It seems to me the group at Antioch really “got it” as far as what God wants His people to be. There were “Christians” earlier – going back to Acts 2, but now, for the first time the Church is really maturing into what God intends us to be.

Note especially how the church started (19, 20). What is the contrast between verses 19 and 20? And then how is this demonstrated again in 27-30? This is remarkable considering the tensions and conflict that existed at this time regarding Jews and Gentiles.

What other good examples do you see in 21-26?


This concludes our study of TURNING POINTS OF THE BIBLE STORY! What do we do now? Now that we have seen the progression of God’s plan through these 18 turning points what should we do? We should be Christians! Christian just means a follower of Christ. Like the church at Antioch we should show our love to ALL people by teaching them about Jesus. We should keep studying the Bible be loyal to Jesus in all we do.

3 thoughts on “Turning Point #18 – The First To Be Called “Christians”.

  1. I really appreciate this study of the Turning Points. By using these points, one is led from the first sin of man (and woman!) to how God kept working in the lives of people, especially his chosen people (the Jews), all the way to His including everyone in His plan for man’s redemption from sin and back to Him.

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    1. Thanks Susan. I like the gradual transition from Jews only in Acts 2, to teaching the Samaritans, then Cornelius (the first Gentile) and how this was what God promises Abraham in Genesis 12 – “all nation blessed” and only then are they called “Christians”.

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      1. Thanks so much Jimmy!!! I have greatly appreciated & loved these particular ideas and Lessons you have so kindly and knowledgeably brought to us and have kindly done for us all!!! It’s been a great big help.


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