Revelation 22

John’s description of the New Heavens and New Earth continues…

In 1-4 he compares it to a garden (a marriage, a city, and now a garden) with a pure river and sees the tree of life there.

Man lost access to the tree of life when Adam and Eve sinned in Genesis 3. Now, in the final chapter of the Bible, we see that access will be restored in heaven.

John says there will be no more curse, but perfect fellowship with God.

The remainder of the book contains conclusion type matters: Assurances that these things will come to pass and a few warnings about behaviors that would disqualify us for heaven and about tampering with the message.

In the next to the last verse John quotes Jesus, “Surely I am coming quickly” and then John adds, “Even so, come Lord Jesus!” Why, especially in light of the new heavens and new earth, would we desire the coming of Jesus?

Final thought on Revelation: What does the book tell us we must do in order to have a part in this wonderful reward? A good verse that answers this question is 12:11 . What three things does it say are key to our overcoming Satan?




Thanks for joining us in this study and for all your comments and questions!

2 thoughts on “Revelation 22

  1. The promise of no more curse in verse 3 must reference no more death. Chapter 22 gives another picture of the glories of heaven.

    The 3 things that are key to over coming Satan are:
    Vs. 9 workship God
    Vs. 11 be righteous
    Vs. 11 keep holy

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