Friends of Paul: Barnabas Part 2 – Paul and Barnabas Working Together

After Barnabas stood up for Saul and helped the disciples in Jerusalem accept him, a segment of the Jews in Jerusalem tried to kill him so he was sent away to Tarsus (his home town) where he remained for sometime.

Later, in Acts 11 Barnabas was working with new thriving group of Christians in Antioch and needing help, goes and gets Saul.

What does this show about Barnabas that when he needed help he went to Tarsus to get Saul?

How might this have made Saul feel?

At this point Saul and Barnabas begin a significant period of work together. Note some of the different kinds of things they went through together:



13:50 and 14:19-20



It is interesting to think about all Paul and Barnabas went through together, and this is one reason why the next episode in their relationship is sad. We will look at the last part of Paul and Barnabas Wednesday then recap it all in our Zoom / Facebook live class Wednesday night.

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