Friends of Paul: Timothy, part 2

Here are some additional facts about Paul’s relationship with Timothy:

Timothy left by Paul at Ephesus

At some point in their travels together Paul left Timothy at Ephesus. Note how Paul describes Timothy’s role at Ephesus: 1 Timothy 1:3-5, 3:14-16.

Timothy with Paul in Rome

The salutations to the letters of Colossians, Philippians, and Philemon (written by Paul from Rome) include Timothy indicating that at some point he joined Paul in Rome. What does Hebrews 13:23 say about Timothy (if this is the same Timothy)?

Timothy was a friend of Paul’s till the end of Paul’s life.

Spend some time in 2 Timothy 4. As he writes this Paul is nearing the end of His life.

What final instructions does he give to Timothy regarding his work? (Especially 1-5).

What personal requests does he make of Timothy in 9-22? (Especially 9, 13, and 21).

How would you summarize the relationship of Paul to these men:

Barnabas –

Silas –

Timothy –

We will review the lessons on Timothy tonight (Wednesday) at 7 pm on Zoom and Facebook Live. See our Facebook Page for more information on how to connect.

Next week: Aquilla and Pricilla

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