Friends of Paul: Titus

How does Paul describe Titus in Titus 1:4?

It appears that Titus was converted in Paul’s early work, perhaps at Antioch or on his first missionary journey.  After Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch from the first journey, a group of Jews from Jerusalem came to Antioch and criticized Paul for his work among the Gentiles. To settle the dispute Paul, Barnabas, “and certain others of them” went up to Jerusalem, to the apostles and elders to discuss the issue (Acts 15:2). These “certain others” probably included Titus.  Compare Acts 15:1-5 and Galatians 2:1-5 and see the similarity in these two descriptions. Note especially how Paul defended Titus’ freedom in Christ regarding the matter of circumcision.

Titus, like Luke and Timothy became an important traveling companion of Paul. He is not mentioned in the book of Acts, but there are several references to him in the book of 2 Corinthians.

How did Titus comfort Paul in 2 Corinthians 7:5-7, note especially verse 7. (This is also referenced in 2:12 and 12:14-18).

What special task did Paul give Titus in 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 and 16-24?

What tasks did Paul give to Titus recorded in Titus 1:5, 2:1, 2:15?

2 Timothy 4 has been an important chapter in this study. It is Paul’s “farewell” chapter, written near the end of his life. What do we learn about Titus from 2 Timothy 4:10?

One of the most interesting questions about Titus is how Paul’s treatment of him concerning circumcision was different from how the matter was handled in the case of Timothy (Compare what we read earlier about Titus in Acts 15 and Galatians 2 with what we read about Timothy in Acts 16:1-5.) Why did Paul circumcise Timothy but not Titus?

Respond to any of these questions in the comments box below.

We will also review this material Wednesday night at 7 on Facebook Live and Zoom.

5 thoughts on “Friends of Paul: Titus

  1. Paul referred to Titus as his true son in a common faith. Paul was comforted by Titus arrival but also by the news Titus brought from others who were concerned for Paul. In 2Cor Titus was going to deliver the remaining contribution from Corinth. In Titus, Paul asked Titus to appoint elders in every town and detailed qualities he should look for when selecting elders. In 2Tim we learn Titus was with Paul at some point during this time but left. Paul missed his company.

    As to why Timothy was circumcised and Titus was not, when circumcision was no longer required, I don’t know.

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    1. Excellent question. i have been wanting to know that too, and what the new passcode to go with it would be’.


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