Great Chapters: Ecclesiastes 12

Spend some time reading and thinking about Ecclesiastes 12.

What two events, that people often live in denial about, does this chapter teach us are sure to happen (7, 14)?

Looking back at verse 1, what is one of the main applications of the chapter? When should we start serving God?

What practical advice do you see in verses 9-12 about living well in the days we do have?

Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom Wednesday night at 7 and we will discuss Ecclesiastes 12.

3 thoughts on “Great Chapters: Ecclesiastes 12

  1. V7 and14 speak to death and judgement happening to everyone. We should begin serving God when young and before age begins to take toll on our body. I’m interested to hear what others say about the practical advice beginning in v9. My take away is that we have been given all we need to know to serve God, and to look beyond what has been revealed is futile and tiresome.


  2. If I can’t figure out how to find the zoom link tonight, how to I watch this on FB? I can work zoom, but, not really FB. Amy


  3. Thanks Jimmy, for the kind zoom link. It works well. I really appreciate it and hope that I didn’t interrupt your supper.


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