Great Chapters: Psalm 19

How would you outline Psalm 19? What are the main subjects of each section?

An interesting question about these chapters is how the different sections might be related?

How do 1-6 and 7-11 relate to each other?

How does the topic of 12-14 fit in to what we see in the first 11 verses?

What two types of sin does David pray about in verses 12 and 13 and what is his prayer concerning each?

Share your thoughts on this chapter in the comments section below. We will also review Psalm 19 Wednesday Night at 7 pm on Facebook Live and Zoom.

2 thoughts on “Great Chapters: Psalm 19

    1. I love that analysis Mary K!
      In trying to see a connection between these ideas Ive often thought of how in light of a perfect God (responsible for the creation – it declares not its own glory but the glory of GOD) and in light of God’s perfect law….. that the natural result should be that humble heart.


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