Great Chapters: Proverbs 31

This is a much loved chapter because of what it says about the godly woman in verses 10-31. What is the topic of 1-9?

What is the message to men in 1-9? What should they NOT be involved with? What should they be involved with?

What do you understand to be the point of the question in verse 10, “who can find a virtuous wife?”

What words would you use to describe the woman in verses 10-31? List 3 descriptive words with a verse to back up each.

What application should be made of 28-31?

Looking at the chapter as a whole, and noting its two sections (1-9 and 10-31), how might they be related to each other?

Answer the questions in the comments section below. We will also review this lesson Wednesday night on Facebook Live and Zoom. Click the Facebook link on this page to join us Wednesday night at 7.

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