Great Chapters: Psalm 23

Many would say Psalm 23 is the greatest chapter in the Bible! Certainly it is one of the best known.

The first part of the Psalm uses the metaphor of a shepherd and sheep. Christians are often compared to sheep. Why is this a fitting comparison?

Generally speaking what blessing do we enjoy because the Lord is our Shepherd? (1)

Getting more specific, throughout the rest of the chapter, what different stages and events of life does this Psalm speak to and what does it say of how God provides for us?

Which part of the Psalm is most comforting to you?

Which part do you have a question about?

Compare this Psalm with John 10:10-11. Here Jesus is called the good shepherd. What does that chapter say about the thief (compared to the good shepherd)?

Join us Wednesday night at 7 on Facebook Live or Zoom for a review of Psalm 23.

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