Great Chapters: Psalms 1

Read through the Psalm. What do you see as the end result intended by this Psalm?

How does the Psalm describes the blessed man’s relationship with the law of God? (v2)

Compare the outcomes of the two different lives described. Does sound like physical blessings or spiritual or both?

What else do you see in Psalm 1?

Please share any answers or thoughts or questions you may have in the comments section below.

Also, join us Wednesday night on Facebook Live or Zoom for “virtual Bible class” and we will review Psalm 1 together.

4 thoughts on “Great Chapters: Psalms 1

  1. End result intended by Psalm 1 could be that the wick ed, disobedient, those living without God, shall not stand justified in the day of judgment. The way of the ungodly those living outside of God’s judgment shall perish.

    The blessed man’s relationship with God is happy, fortunate, and prosperous, and he stays away from evil acting people. He delights and relishes in the law of the Lord in ponderous day and night with meditation.

    It sounds like a lot of spiritual blessings but some physical blessings too.

    I see in Psalms 1, that we e are to stay holy and pursue God’s word with all our heart mind and soul and be faithful to God in his laws and judgments and pray and meditate day and night to keep our mind right and where it should be, and not hang around with evil people dinner spiteful markers not people scoring at a scornful and just want to tear people down and not be associated with them for we will fear the day of judgment and the possibility of going to Hades if we do these things.


  2. I love the visual thought that is presented of a tree that is prospering because it is fully nourished by the water that feeds it. God’s word is life sustaining water, it can sustain a Christian all of their life if they meditate on it day and night, they will not wither. It is a good reminder for me that when I begin to “wither” from the burdens of life, that I need to immerse myself in Gods word again.


    1. Thanks for your comment! And what an equaily vivid image when it says the “ungodly”, are like the chaff blown away by the wind.


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