Great Chapters In The Life Of Jesus: Cleansing the Temple and Nicodemus

There are two events recorded for us during the first visit of Jesus to Jerusalem (after his ministry began). Both events make strong statements about the state of affairs of the Jewish religion. In both oth Jesus also reveals that He will die on the cross!


What did Jesus see in the temple that angered Him so much?

How could the church become a “house of merchandise” today?

What else (on a later, but similar occasion, Matthew 21:13) does Jesus call the activity in the temple?

Jesus angry reaction reminded the disciples of Psalm 69:9, “Zeal for your house has eaten me up” . Should that kind of zeal be true of us as well? If so, how would we show it?

What sign did Jesus say he would give that would prove His authority to do these things?


Who was Nicodemus?

Why do you think he came at night?

What does Jesus say that shows he is much more that just another teacher?

How would you define being “born of the water and the spirit”?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and join us Wednesday at 7pm on Facebook Live for “Virtual Bible Class” and we will discuss these events together!

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