Great Chapters In The Life Of Jesus: Jesus and the Sinful Woman

This story is found in Luke 7:36-40.

A pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to his house to eat. What interest do you think Simon had in meeting with Jesus? What had he heard about Jesus (see verse 39).

Note that the woman found Jesus and came to Him, apparently uninvited and somewhat unwelcome (at least by the Pharisee who was the host). What can we conclude that she understood about who Jesus was?

What is the faulty theology behind the Pharisee’s statement in verse 39?

What truths about the gospel do you see in the little parable Jesus gave in verses 41-42?

Jesus said her sins are forgiven “because she loved much”. What did she do that showed her love for Jesus?

What characteristic of Jesus do think this story best exemplifies? What does it show us about His character?

What does Jesus say at the end of the story that shows he claimed to be much more than just a prophet? (See also Matthew 9:1-3.

Please share your thoughts on these questions, and any other that you have in the comments section below. We will review this great story Wednesday night at 7 pm on Facebook Live and Zoom.

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