Great Chapters In The Life Of Jesus: I Am The Bread Of Life

Text for today’s lesson is John 6:1-35.

  1. Great multitudes were following Jesus. Why does it say they were following Him? (John 6:2)

2. What was the effect of the miracle of feeding the 5000? (John 6:14-15)

3. Later, why does Jesus say the multitudes continued to pursue Him? (26)

4. What does Jesus suggest the multitude should be more interested in? (27)

5. What does Jesus mean, “I am the bread of life” (35) Compare this with John 4:14, and 7:37.

6. Note how the chapter ends. What does Jesus have that we need more than anything else? (John 6:68)

7. What does this account suggest about the purpose of the miracles performed by Jesus?

We will review this lesson together Wednesday night at 7 pm on Facebook Live and Zoom.

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