Great Chapters In The Life of Jesus: The Man Born Blind

Today’s lesson is found in John 9

The chapter begins with a discussion of why the man was born blind. What does Jesus say was NOT the reason? (Verse 2, see also John 9:34)

In verse 3-5 Jesus gives a reason for the blindness. What is it? What does this mean? For help with this one look also at John 20:30-31.

What method does Jesus use to heal the blind man? Why do you think He performed the miracle in this method?

The remainder of the chapter is about people evaluating the evidence and choosing whether or not to believe in Jesus. Read through the story considering this from the perspective of each of the groups below. What do you see about their honesty and openness to the truth about Jesus?

His neighbors

The Pharisees

His Parents

The Man himself

What does John 9 teach us about the purpose and power of the miracles of the Bible?

Use the comments section below to answer these questions or share any other thoughts you have about this story. Join us Wednesday night at 7 on Facebook Live for Virtual Bible class, and we will study it together.

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