31 Days / 31 Chapters

I am pretty sure it is coincidental that there are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs just as there are 31 days in the month, but whether by God’s design or coincidence, it serves as a nice method for studying the book of Proverbs.

On this website we will consider the chapter each day that corresponds to the date on the calendar and go through the book of Proverbs once each month.

One reason this works well is that as you read through Proverbs you notice the randomness of topics. It is great to study Proverbs topically, but that is actually not how it was written! One verse will be talking about raising children, the next about laziness, the next about wine, the next about speech, etc. There is no apparent logical order.

What are we to make of that? I have no idea why it was written that way but the truth is that is kind of how each day of our lives unfolds. We face a variety of dilemmas and challenges (family, work, temptation, etc) throughout the day, everyday.

If you study, first thing in the morning, the chapter each day that corresponds to the date on the calendar, you will likely read something that come up in a specific moment in the day ahead.

Further, if we listen to the wisdom of Proverbs, we will be better prepared to make good choices when we face those challenges and temptations.

By the way, this is also a nice way of interpreting Proverbs 8:34, “Blessed is the man who listens to me, WATCHING DAILY at my gates”. We need proverbs everyday and the book is conveniently divided into 31 readings.